Monday, January 23, 2012

I have the Blahhs....

 I have the writing blahhhhhs. I have had a numerous mix of emotions in class these days, and I feel like it exhausts me. Not the class, the thought of writing about it, which is weird, because normally I love writing. Last week, I was having a tough week emotionally, I was fighting with my husband, I was worried about the business, I was hating my job, etc. etc. When I came out of my camel posture, I started to cry, it was very intense, and that kind of emotional response has never happened for me. But I welcomed it. I thought of it as a blessing, really. How lucky I am to have an outlet like that. I can take everything that comes up for me in class and I can leave it on the mat. And I did. I came out of there feeling ten times lighter. It felt good. Just talking about it now makes me wish I was there. I haven't been able to go since weds. of last week.
Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough. When I am rich, I am building my own studio and I am going to hire an instructor to live there and teach me yoga whenever I want!!! :)

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