Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picture yourself in Perfect Radiant Health

A phrase which my dear friend and Bikram instructor, Allie, says often at the end of class, I guess I never really heard her before, I mean, I heard her, I just never really HEARD her. Its amazing what a mental shift will change in your body. I had been picturing myself lying there, in my final rest ( savasana, not death ) In perfect physical health, perfectly aesthetic, picture perfect looking. I realized the other day, that the health that I want is inner. Peaceful mind, peaceful organs, the rest will come after those things are developed. Little tiny things have been changing in my practice lately. I injured my back somehow last Weds. Blame it on lifting, or bending or tweaking or what have you, it was excruciating, I was almost in tears, I had the same sciatic pain when I was pregnant this last time. I thought of going to yoga on Weds evening, and if it hadn't been for the terrible fear I had of sitting in the car for that long with this pain, I would have. Instead, I opted to stay home and sit on the couch, and then, go to work the next day. All of those ideas were bad. By the time I got back to Bikram on Fri. morning, I was thoroughly convince that I was going to die on the first back bend.
But alas, I did not die.
In fact, aside form my opposite side shoulder being tighter than I would have ever imagined, my injury gave me little grief.
I felt so much better after class, I kicked myself for not going back on Weds eve, I would have saved myself 48 hrs of agony.
Today, I noticed little things that were changing in my postures, teeny tiny, seemingly insignificant things, I put less weight in my hands in standing head to knee, my knee came closer to my shoulder in wind removing pose, I grabbed way higher on my forearms in the last part of wind removing, tiny little things that seem small but made me so happy.
So from now on, I am picturing my inner physical body in perfect, radiant, flowing smoothly health. I will let the rest follow in the footsteps. The outer looks will be as the hands are in tree pose, just the icing on the cake. Let this philosophy spill over into all other aspects of your life, picture you life in perfect health, your kids, your job, your loved ones, anything you want is attainable, if you can imagine it, you can do it. Look for it, then your body will follow.

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