Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DD's make it hard for Rabbits.

This is, in fact, true. All the compression posture seem to almost be impossible for anyone bigger than a B cup. I wonder if people will judge me if I just duck tape them down next class....hmmmm...
Yesterday was my first class back in a week, I was worried that it would be hard. And, surprisingly, it didn't feel overwhelming, it was just the right balance of challenging, and satisfying. I went for coffee with my dad afterwards, who was in the same class with me, and I mentioned that I didn't think that it was that hot, he immediately shot me a look and said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" Proving, that everyone feels differently at different times, one persons "too hot" may not be yours.
This mornings class I had a bit of a personal breakthrough.
I found out that the postures that scare me, I can actually do. I can do the third part of Awkward, I am just LAZY. I have this weird mentality most of the time that if I put out too much effort in the beginning posture then the rest of my practice will suffer. I am starting to think that its just the opposite.
Today I got all the way down in fixed-firm pose for only the SECOND time EVER!! Even when I first started going two years ago and was practicing regularly. I was soo happy. I still am. Its the little things. And while there was still mild discomfort, it was nothing like I had imagined it was going to be. I love my life. I love that I get to do this practice on a regular basis. I may try for the 630 class tonight, since I won't be able to come back until Friday. I'll keep you posted.

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