Monday, December 26, 2011

Sometimes Yogi's wear pants.

So, my challenge within a challenge. I recently signed up for the 60 day challenge at the BYC. Thats 60 Classes in 60 days, either one a day or doubles or what have you. MY personal challenge, besides 60 classes, is to purposely position myself around people who I might find distracting, and see if I can stay focused. I am all about pushing myself. Today, there was someone wearing PANTS. Not just pants. BUT LIKE CARPENTER JEANS that were Khaki. And all I could think about was how that guy was wearing PANTS in class. This is not the focus of my yoga practice. Or rather, it shouldn't be. There are several things in the hot room that can be incredibly distracting during practice. Lights, people, fans (or lack there of) peoples hair, peoples sweat, people not paying attention, peoples breathing, etc. The list goes on. I get particularly annoyed when I am having an especially hard class, so my new focus is to "un-focus" on what others are doing, even if I am being distracted by them because they have been practicing for a long time and are very good at the postures, I need to not be concerned about what my neighbor is up to. Both in and out of the Hot Room. Today at work I am going to try to "un-focus".

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